Program Options

Cargo Legal Liability
Also known as Freight Liability - this is coverage for you liability when issuing a domestic bill of lading, airway bill, or NVOCC bill of lading.

Errors & Omissions
Professional negligence resulting in damage to clients. This coverage provides protection for you and your staff when errors occur in issuing documentation.

Legal Defense & Costs
Cover fees and costs related to legal defense of a covered claim.

Warehouse Legal Liability
If issuing a warehouse receipt, you may purchase warehouse legal liability protection. This coverage provides legal defense and settlement costs to the policy limit for goods damage when in your care, custody, and control.

Warehouse Bailee
When a warehouseman does not issue a warehouse receipt, they are potentially responsible for the full value of the cargo they accept for warehousing. This policy protects the goods in storage for physical loss or damage while in the warehouseman's care, custody, and control.

Third Party Liability
General liability coverage for external operation risks. This coverage includes the slip and fall coverage necessitated to satisfy most landlord's lease requirements.

Bond Indemnity
Guarantee on your behalf made to sureties to protect licensing bonds.

Contengent Motor Truck Cargo
Secondary cargo liability coverage for goods moving via domestic transit truck. The trucker maintains primary Motor Truck Cargo and this would act as a backup coverage in the event the trucker's policy failed to respond.

Contingent Auto Liability
Secondary auto liability coverage when you subcontract to a trucker. The trucker maintains the primary layer of liability coverage and this would act as the backup cover in the event their coverage does not respond.

Motor Truck Cargo
Cargo legal liability for goods moving via domestic transit truck