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Truckload - LTL/FTL

Beneficial for both FTL and LTL (six pallets or less), Dry van shipping is the most common way to transport freight. Typically used to transport non-perishable food items, beverages, textiles and plastic. By using a dry van, you protect your cargo from various effects of weather related damages and possible theft. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Dry van trailers acquire the highest rating (42.3%) of fatal crash involvement every year.

Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled Trucks

Refrigerated/temperature controlled trucks are used mainly in the transportation of various perishable food items such as produce and meat however the request can be tailored to also supporting the shipping of various electronics as well. Electronics can be highly sensitive to the extremes of various temperatures. To hot and they can expand creating unwanted stress to cold and the metal snaps of weather that require low temperature. So whether you are looking to ship out slabs of beef or produce to the local market or need to ensure your electronics are ready for use, PerInsure can find a solution for you.

Small Parcel

While PerInsure focuses on much larger shipments there is also a solution for your Small parcel. PeriShip is a competitive solution for your shipping needs. We have the ability to track and monitor hundreds of thousands of small parcel shipments throughout the day, working to make sure that everything is delivered on time and accordingly.


Flatbed shipping is a great way to move larger pieces of equipment however do to the nature of the truck the product is moved on the cargo is at greater risk of feeling the effects of weather. This is why flatbed shipping is typically used for moving different machinery such as excavators and other constructions site equipment but also the materials used on the job, such as lumber, steel and tubing. With over 14 different types of flatbed trucks out there we here at PerInsure will make sure we find the one that fits your needs.

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